When Do We Need WordPress Tech Support?

September 28th, 2016|

If you have a suspicion of what is causing the problem on your website, try searching for the issue on a search engine. You may find an answer to your problem on a blog if they publish articles on common WordPress issues.

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What’s next?

  1. Disable all plugins. If the problem remains it likely exists in the theme or WordPress specifically.
  2. If you suspect it’s because of a plugin, activate a default theme and disable all the plugins. Re-activate plugins one by one until the problem appears. This may give you insights into if a plugin is the issue.
  3. To see if it’s the theme, activate one of the default themes (which come standard in WordPress installation). If the problem continues, it may be a WordPress issue. There may also be something wrong with your database. If the issue resolves itself, the theme is the root of the problem.
  4. There could also be something wrong due to a setting on your server or a script which has not been installed properly, or at all, by your host.

The WordPress Codex is a valuable resource for developers and website managers. It helps explain how to develop themes and plugins for WordPress. There are also details to guide you through every WordPress function and template tag. While the codex is a useful reference, many articles recommend plugins which have not been supported for years. And if you’re knowledge isn’t advanced enough, it may be difficult to find a solution.

If after trying the above you still have questions, it’s time for more help.

TDMA is a WordPress support and maintenance agency offering a variety of retainers. Our custom support is not a discount package with low-cost overseas resources. Please reach out to an Account Manager for more information.

TDMA also provides in-person training, one-on-one virtual WordPress training, technical support, WordPress backup, CMS migration, troubleshooting and online business training.