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The role of client advocate at TDMA is an important one. Collectively, our team has seen countless web design and development projects go off course while working with other agencies. Maybe the firm you’re working with is unresponsive, falling behind, or just not transparent. We’ve seen development companies scapegoat their clients for every mis-management possible. Not only is this unethical, but it’s costly for your business.

If your marketing team is busy doing what they usually do – and you add managing a complex web build from your organization’s side – a common outcome is things become overlooked. Deadlines are missed, tasks are incomplete.

Is your project in need of repair? Is your vendor missing their deadlines or asking for more money? It may be time to bring in an expert to advocate for your team and repair your broken project.

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“Chris at TDMA manages projects like a seasoned pro while keeping creative at the forefront. He finds the best use of resources and always gets the job done, regardless of what problems get thrown at him.”

Joe Hobson, President
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Will You Benefit From IT Project Advocacy Services?

We convene stakeholders to build new collaboration between your internal team and the vendor. Our team crafts a clear and logical communication strategy regarding project progress and efforts to reach important milestones. No one will be left in the dark after we shine a light on the parts of this project that aren’t working.

TDMA crafts an effective advocacy plan and enforce strategies that support project success. We lead a best practices intervention with your existing firm to ensure the moving pieces are not working against each other. An honest and open review of the current project status will lead to discovery of pain points, and eventually a resolution to avoid these in the future. Be prepared to hear the truth – not every review ends in vendors being responsible for all the issues with your project. It’s best to be open and ready to receive feedback.

Our team fosters and repairs relationships between your business and the agency working on your project. It’s our goal to keep the communication pipelines open and everyone responsive.

We recommend bringing in other professionals with the skills needed to find resolutions and bring your project back on track.

TDMA team leaders act as an extension of your team. Like an account manager, but for your side.

We can be your expert advocate!

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