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Voice Search Optimization

People Are Talking: Voice Search

In the past, humans adapted to technology to search for the information they needed.

Today, technology has adapted to answer our questions.

Did you ask Alexa or OK Google a question this week? Most people did!

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There’s no doubt about it, the way people search the Internet is changing.

More and more, people are using voice search on their smartphones, tablets or home voice assistants (such as Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod devices) to search for information online.

Businesses and marketers need to start approaching content and SEO differently. How do we create a content strategy and search optimization plan for this unfamiliar way of searching?

55% of teenagers and 41% of adults use voice search more than once a day.

The fastest growing search phrases of the last few years includes “near me” due to questions like: Alexa, what’s a marketing agency near me?

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Tim from Legisus

“We sat down with TDMA and they were able to listen, extract our vision, and translate it beautifully into our new branding and website. Their confidence and flow of operation was refreshing.”

Tim Saetre, Co-Founder

A New Approach To Search

The process of voice SEO is to optimize content for smart assistants to find. But what makes things difficult is even though voice search is well on it’s way to becoming the most popular form of searching online, there isn’t a list of results like what we would find in a traditional Google search.

An example is Alexa’s use of Google Business listings, including reviews, to provide a result to end users. Try asking your digital assistant for a digital marketing agency near you. In fact, “near me” searches are increasing year after year.

Ask your device a question you’d hope would provide your business to users. If you aren’t suggested, read about our SEO efforts and reach out for help!

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