IT Project Management

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IT Project Management

Imagine along the path of completing your project there’s a mighty deviation waiting for you or a member of your team. A really big issue.

But it’s been buried, maybe hidden from view, and dodging this mess is a nonstop game of chance. There could be one missed deadline, there could be many more of them. You don’t know how many, and neither does your client.

Every day, countless marketing and development teams live with the threat of risks derailing, or worse, completely destroying projects and products.

And, each day, TDMA prevents the unraveling of teams and their efforts by shining a light on the dark and clearing the murky.

We don’t stop until the seemingly adequate becomes an old, insufficient goal of the past.

Bottom line – we get things done. Do you need things done?

Web Project Management

We Help Our Customers Succeed


“Chris at TDMA manages projects like a seasoned pro while keeping creative at the forefront. He finds the best use of resources and always gets the job done, regardless of what problems get thrown at him.”

Joe Hobson, President
Navigation North

As an industry leader in web development, application development, and marketing project management – TDMA is the best provider for implementing business-growing project management services, repairing project health, and increasing profits. We help you improve project results by leveraging our time-tested processes and incorporating experience from hundreds of web build projects.

Our approach to managing projects includes doing the following:


It’s critical for success that the project manager can quickly analyze situations and data to make a good decision. Responsibility for project success relies heavily on a good project manager.


Projects can become stressful, especially when deadlines are sneaking up. Our project managers work hard to keep everyone motivated, leading to more efficiency and higher quality of work.


Communication can prevent or resolve almost any issue by strengthening the flow of information, allowing for the right people to know the right things at the right time.


Organizing intricate processes is essential for managing a complex project – prioritizing, planning, scheduling. We stay steps ahead to efficiently reach goals or switch lanes if needed.


Time management and prioritization are needed for any successful project. TDMA experts remain strategic and organized despite any distractions or claims of inability to complete work.

Problem Solve

Our project managers are experts at identifying risk early, finding the cause of the issue, discovering options to move forward, and implementing the best solution with the team.


Especially in tech, changes happen fast. Our ability to quickly provide resolutions or change directions is most helpful in producing success for a project with tight deadlines or budgets.

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